We're a little different.

We are not just a graphic design studio.

We're a creative agency who work with our clients to deliver authentic, memorable, effective and creative solutions.

We do strategy, advertising, design and all sorts of other creative stuff.

We develop memorable messages across all communications platforms. Whether it’s graphic design, advertising, branding, web design, or something a little different, our solutions deliver results beyond expectation. 

Our strength is that we understand branding and communication. (And everything that comes BEFORE the design work.)

We work with our clients on what they are saying, who they are talking to and how they are delivering it. We look at the big picture.

We don’t just design our work. We craft our work. We craft the message into copy that resonates with people. We craft the typography and the imagery so that they work together to create something that stands out (for all the right reasons).

There are graphic design studios. And then there’s Halibut Creative.


Halibut Creative are a small group who think big. We’re a passionate team and we love what we do. We value creative thinking, hard work and we love to have fun. (The best work happens when it doesn't even feel like work, after all!) We take pride in our work and are always interested to meet like-minded clients and collaborators.

Monica is creative

After ten years with Clemenger Tasmania as a Senior Art Director, then time in Brisbane as a designer and copywriter, Monica’s experience covers everything from tv & radio through to press, print, outdoor, branding & new media.

Monica's ability to really listen to a client's challenges and understand their business means that she can get to the bottom of the communication objectives, and produce real results. And with experience across such a wide range of media, it means our clients aren't just getting a designer - Monica can strategise and advise about the most effective media, to get the right message to the right market. 

Ben handles production.

With over 20 years of print experience, including 14 years as Production Manager for Clemenger Tasmania and Clemenger Brisbane, Ben knows the industry inside out.

As studio manager Ben has the amazing ability to keep even the largest workload running smoothly, on budget and on time. Ben understands that every project is important to every client, no matter how big or small - his attention to detail and time management skills, combined with his incredibly calm and friendly manner, ensures that not only are deadlines met, but that our clients are happy, unstressed and confident that their job is exactly what they want!

What's important to us.

At Halibut Creative, we believe that by being clear about our own values, we can not only maintain a happy and healthy team, but deliver a consistently high standard of work for our clients.

We do nothing that loses trust.

Trust is the basis of every action we take. Without it we don't earn the respect and loyalty of our clients. We keep our word. We do what's right.

We have an ethos of high standards.

We take a healthy pride in ourselves and our work. In our industry, image is everything... but only when it's backed up by substance.

We embrace challenge.

Challenge is not a boundary but the chance to transcend today's normal. We nurture the creative fire to uncover opportunities.

We're people people

From our team, to their families, our clients and the broader community... we're interested in people. We listen and we know the power of seeing things from another’s point of view.

We're not afraid to feel.

Creativity is an emotive process. We love the laughs, but know that heated thoughts are just as important. At the end of the day it's customary to say 'thank you' - to each other and our clients - and to remember that we all like and respect each other.

Sep 27 2015

Welcome to our new website and blog!

It's been a while coming, but we've finally got our new website up, and we're pretty happy with! (Ok, we're VERY happy with it!)

The new Halibut Creative website is hopefully a reflection of us - it's creative, original, fun, and easy to use!

Here you'll find out all about the key people involved in Halibut Creative, what's important to us, and who we work with. You'll be able to view examples of our latest work, read our thoughts on what makes great work, and read some nice words our clients have to say about us!


We'd love to chat about how we can help your business.

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