A new leaf (and a new blog)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why we haven't blogged for ages... and why we now intend to!

As you will see from the dates on these blogs - it has been a long time between writing... So things are going to change. We're turning over a new leaf, and starting a new blogging plan. Read on to find out why we haven't blogged for so long, and why we now intend to.

As anyone who writes a blog understands - it's not easy. Here are a few reasons why we (and probably many other blog writers) have found it hard...

1. Life is busy. I know - it's the same for everyone, and it's a matter of prioritising, hey? But when work is busy, our clients take priority. As many of our loyal clients know - we always do our best to make sure we meet deadlines, even when they are tight. And that means sometimes the Halibut, self-promotional stuff has to take a backseat...

2. We don't need more work. Now that's not to say we don't WANT more work. In fact, there's nothing we like more than getting a new client or a juicy new project to work on. But when work is flowing in at a steady rate - without the aid of advertising or marketing - the urgency to write a blog with the aim of getting even more work is not so great.

3. We don't always know what to say. We haven't ever asked the question, so we don't know what you, our readers, would like to read about. And whilst we are generally pretty inspired and happy to take the initiative, we DO want to make sure what we write about is relevant to you... so we'll be listening extra hard to your comments, asking for your input, and hopefully writing some articles which you'll find helpful, relevant and interesting.

So as mentioned above, we plan to change things. Below are a few reasons why blogging is important to a business...

1. A blog will increase your SEO. By creating fresh and relevant content, which includes key words (the words that people who look for businesses such as yours may use in a search engine), you are providing search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) with fresh content to index, which in turn, helps you climb the ranks on the search results pages.

2. A blog can establish you as an industry leader. By writing about subjects that you know about, and your readers are interested in, you can establish yourself (and your business) as an expert in your field. No matter what size your business is, this is a great way of building trust and establishing clout in your industry.

3. A blog can strengthen and develop client relationships. Blogging provides the opportunity to connect with your existing client base, as well as appeal to potential new clients. By creating high quality content which is interesting and relevant, you can build trust and respect. And by following responses in the 'comments' section, you can respond directly to your readers, and further build those relationships.

4. A blog will help build brand awareness. A blog allows people to see a more personal side of your business. It provides an insight into your thoughts and opinions, and gives readers an insight to your brand values, vision and brand personality.

So here at Halibut we have decided we need to put our money where our mouth is, and get blogging (regularly) ourselves. Please feel free to keep us on track - if you haven't heard from us for a while, remind us! And if there are any topics you'd love to read about, please let us know. After all, this blog is for you!