We look for strategic insights, then we deliver inspired advertising.

Great advertising resonates with the audience and leaves a favourable, lasting impression of your brand. (It's no good having a good looking brand if no one notices it.)

We do this by looking for insights - it may be about what makes your business different, or it might be about how your target market act or feel.

Then we deliver that insight in a way that involves, intrigues or entertains the audience. If your audience engages with your advertising or communication, they're likely to engage with (and become loyal to) your brand!

At Halibut we have experience in press advertising, magazine ads, television and radio advertising, as well as online advertising. We can advise on the best medium for your advertising, as well as the most appropriate placement and frequency. We can provide you with everything from a concept, script and storyboard, through to the finished ad that’s ready to go to air or press!